Regulation Made Simple

New: Poland is now available in the Postal service reports and analyses

18-10-2016 | Europe

Organizer : Cullen International

Cullen International’s European Postal service covers a wide range of regulatory issues, which are organised into these seven main topics:


  • Liberalisation
  • Universal Service Obligation (USO)
  • Public Service Obligations (PSO)
  • Access
  • Price controls
  • Labour data and regulation
  • State Aid




The European Postal service covers eleven countries, providing:


  • updates on all major EU level developments, as they take place (Flash messages);
  • convenient and easy ways to track key regulatory initiatives (Trackers);
  • benchmarking tables allowing efficient comparison of regulatory positions and pricing across Europe (Cross-Country Analysis); and
  • answers to specific regulatory questions at no extra cost (Enquiries).



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