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Special report: Telecoms, Media and Digital Economy Landscape in the US

10-11-2016 | Americas

Author : Elena Scaramuzzi

Organizer : Cullen International

After the vote, and following a presidential campaign that will be remembered as one of the most controversial in history, the United States has decided Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States.

To prepare for the new administration’s four-year mandate, starting in January 2017, the presidential transition is about to start, with expected new designations at institutions including the US Supreme Court, as well as at government departments and agencies that will shape the sector policies in key sectors such as telecommunications and the media.

Although Mr. Trump has not been specific in his campaign in outlining envisaged telecoms and media sector policies for his agenda, he has not failed to provide bold comments on several issues affecting the industry, for example on significant mergers and acquisitions, on net neutrality, on relations with neighbouring countries, or about the future governance of the internet.

In this short report we provide an overview of the main US institutions and agencies at the heart of the functioning of the telecoms and media sector industries, as well as a recap of the sector policies implemented under the Obama administration which, under a new administration, might be the object of reconsideration.

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