Regulation Made Simple

Independence of media regulators

03-01-2010 -- 11-11-2011 | Germany


Cullen International has worked on a study for the European Commission on the independence and efficient functioning of audiovisual media regulators.

The two main practical outcomes of the study are a set of essential characteristics and best practices for media regulatory authorities and a ranking tool to assess their level of actual independence from a formal (legal) and de facto point of view.

The report also contains the theoretical background and a detailed description of the regulatory situation regarding the  independence of media regulators  in the 43 countries covered (i.e. the EU member states, the EFTA countries, the accession and pre-accession countries, Japan, the US, Singapore and Australia).

The project was led by the Hans Bredow Institute for Media Research, University of Hamburg, Germany.

For more information, please contact Michele Ledger