Regulation Made Simple

Monitoring of electronic communications in the enlargement countries 2011-14



This is a three-year project. Cullen International ran a similar project for the Commission between 2005-2007 (Project 1) and 2008-2011 (Project 2). Cullen International is leading this major project for the European Commission monitoring the regulation of telecommunications and information society services in the EU enlargement countries.

The countries covered are: Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Iceland, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Turkey.

The project involves four rounds of data collection and the organisation of a forum for regulatory authorities in the enlargement countries every nine months over the three years.

Report 4 (February 2014)

Report 3 (April 2013)

Report 2 (July 2012)

Report 1 (November 2011)


EU Enlargement Country Study