Regulation Made Simple

Digital Agenda for South East Europe

13-12-2011 | Brussels

Organizer : Cullen International


The objective of this high level conference is to bring together representatives of the EU policy making bodies, national regulatory authorities, industry stakeholders and major investors in the region to discuss two main aspects of the Digital Agenda:

  • How to create a policy environment which encourages high-risk investments in fast and ultra-fast networks in the four member states and the eight enlargement countries of the region?
  • What are the main challenges of integrating the enlargement countries into a single European digital market?


Veronica Bocarova (slides)

Electronic Communications in South East Europe: Factsheet

Round table of Ministers

Moderator: Milica Pejanovic-Djurisic, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Montenegro (bio)

Speakers and presentations:

  • Jasna Matic - Secretary of State for Digital Agenda, Serbia (bio)
  • Genc Pollo - Minister for Innovation and Information Communication Technology, Albania (bio - slides)
  • Ratka Strugar - Deputy Minister for Telecommunications, Montenegro (bio)
  • Marta Arsovska-Tomovska - Deputy Minister of Information Society and Administration, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (bio)
  • Ivančica Urh - Head of Electronic Communications Department, Ministry of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, Croatia (bio)

Keynote speeches:

  • Robert Madelin, Director General DG Information Society, European Commission (bio)
  • Andris Kesteris, Principal Advisor to the Director-General DG Enlargement European Commission (bio)

Round table of CEOs

Moderator: Philippe Defraigne, Cullen International

Speakers and presentations:

  • Kadir Boysan - Chief Strategy Officer - AVEA Turkey (bio - slides)
  • Haris Broumidis - CEO - Vodafone Albania (bio - slides)
  • Kjell-Morten Johnsen - CEO - Telenor Serbia (bio - slides)
  • Daniel Szasz, Makedonski telekom, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (slides)
  • Mladen Pejkovic - CEO - Vipnet Croatia (bio - slides)
  • Zoran Vehovar - Vice Chairman of the Management Board - Telekom Slovenije (bio - slides)

Round table of Heads of NRAs


  • Hrafnkell V. Gíslason, Managing Director, Post and Telecom Administration of Iceland
  • Veronica Bocarova, Cullen International

Speakers and presentations:

  • Milan Jankovic - Director - RATEL, Serbia (bio - slides)
  • Dražen Lučić - Executive Director - HAKOM, Croatia (bio - slides)
  • Catalin Marinescu - President - ANCOM, Romania (bio -slides)
  • Robert Ordanoski - Director - AEC, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (bio)