Regulation Made Simple

25th Anniversary of the Green Paper on Telecommunications

27-06-2012 | Brussels

Organizer : Cullen International, CRIDS, Madariaga college of European Foundation

Cullen International, together with the CRIDS of the University of Namur and the Madariaga – College of Europe Foundation, is organising a workshop to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the publication of the Green Paper on Telecommunications.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together, for a celebratory event, some of the architects and professionals behind the 1987 Telecommunications Green Paper and subsequent actions, and to help provide insights for today’s policy-makers and professionals.

The event took place in Brussels on June 27, 2012.

The programme is available here.



  • Philippe Defraigne, Founding Director, Cullen International and
  • Richard Cawley, European Commission

Opening speech

Setting the Scene - Memories from the Interbal Market and Liberalisation Agenda in the European union

  • Viscount Etienne Davignon - former Vice President European Commission

Session 1 - Herbert Ungerer recalls

Memories and Insights on the 1987 Green Paper

  • Herbert Ungerer, author of the 1987 Green Paper reminisces

Session 2

Liberalising Telecommunications (1988 through 1990s) Whah happened and why?

Key steps: 1992, Mobile, Alternative Infrastructure, Internet, Digital Television, 1998, Institutions

Round-Table discussion

  • Maev Sullivan (former Regulatory Director, Mercury Communications)
  • Harry Elhard (former Director EU Affairs, AT&T)
  • Marcel Haag (Secretariat General, European Commission)
  • Herbet Ungerer (former Deputy Director Generalm, DG Competition)
  • Adam Watson-Brown (DG Connect, European Commission)

Session 3

Re-regulating Telecommunications? (2000 onwards) Boom and bust, entry and consolidation, regulating for competition


Round-Table discussion

  • Fabio Colasanti (former Director General, DG Infso)
  • Peter Alexiadas (Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher)
  • Richard Feasey (Public Policy Directr, Vodafone)
  • Christina Hocepied (DG Comp, European Commission)

Session 4

Looking forward
The New Challenges: Going global - ICT underpins innovation and productivity growth

Round-Table discussion

  • Fabio Colasanti (former Director General, DG Infso)
  • Pierre Larouche (Professor, University of Tilburg)
  • Anthony Whelan (Chef de Cabinet of Commissioner Neelie kroes)
  • Giovanni Battista Amendola, Regulatory Affairs Director, Telecom Italia
  • Eric Van Heesvelde (former Chairman BIPT)
  • Herbert Ungerer (former Deputy General Director, DG Competition)


The programme is available here.