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BITS seminar on 'Co-Investment in Telecoms'

11-05-2017 | Brussels, Belgium

Co-investment and network sharing have become common practice for over a decade in the mobile sector and are making an inroad in the deployment of fiber networks in a number of EU Member States.

While competition law had to face co-investment cases since the 2003 T-Mobile/O2 mobile network sharing cases in Germany and the UK, co-investment is now making an entry into ex-ante EU electronic communications law. Under specific conditions of transparency and openness, the deployment of very high capacity networks by co-investors would not be subject to SMP wholesale access obligations.

The purpose of this BITS seminar is:

  • To understand the welfare effects as well as the strengths, the weaknesses, the opportunities and the risks of co-investment in the deployment fixed and mobile telecommunications networks;
  • To understand under which conditions the markets alone will lead to co-investment and whether markets should be nudged towards such deals;
  • To explore the consequences of co-investment on the possible emergence of competitive wholesale broadband markets and to assess the effect of continued wholesale access obligations on the incentives of market players to co-invest;
  • To gain a better understanding of the limits to co-investment in terms of competition law.


List of speakers:

  • Fatima Barros - Anacom
  • Wolfgang Briglauer - ZEW Centre for European Economics - Presentation
  • Richard Feasey - University College of London - Presentation
  • Emmanuel Tricaud - COLT
  • Jan Krancke - Deutsche Telekom
  • Marc Lebourges - Orange
  • Ben Wreschner - Vodafone
  • Bo Andersson - PTS
  • Rita Wezenbeek - European Commission, DG Competition
  • Carlota Reyners-Fontana - European Commission, DG Connect 


Full programme

Event summary and briefing on co-investment in telecoms 


BITS Seminar Co-Investment in Telecoms