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Cullen International - A brief history

Bernard Cullen

Cullen International was founded in 1986 by Bernard Cullen, a British communications expert living in Belgium. Prior to creating the company Bernard worked as an engineer for the GPO (now BT), the UK incumbent telecom operator, where he wrote the very first handbook on data communications in 1974. He moved on to Control Data (CDC), a large American IT company, to become its European telecom manager and a sought-after speaker on the Brussels circuit and internationally.

Cullen International started with one man, one idea and three letters.

Bernard’s idea was to provide a uniquely independent and neutral monitoring and benchmarking service - completely different to the usual consultancy offerings - to a few subscribed clients at a reasonable price.

He wrote individual letters introducing his concept to personal contacts at three major global corporate companies and visited each of them personally. All responded positively and Cullen International was launched.

In the 90s the PTTs were split into regulatory bodies and operating entities and most western incumbent operators became clients during that decade. Regulators followed. At the turn of the century mobile operators came under the spotlight of regulators and also became clients. Today, we serve over 180 key market players and public organisations.

Initially run from Bernard’s home, with his wife Sheila providing the administrative support, the business has evolved. Bernard selected a new executive management team some time ago, but he remains a Board Director. The company now offers eleven regulatory intelligence services, designed and supported by a 40-strong team of regulatory and business professionals, who uphold Bernard’s exacting standards for quality and integrity.

We work with a global network of national regulatory experts and monitor and benchmark regulation in over 50 countries, sharing our valuable knowledge with the international regulatory community, through our focussed reports and training.

The reason for Bernard’s success all those years ago, in persuading the first three clients to sign contracts for twelve months based on no more than a letter and a single meeting, was his immaculate reputation for expertise and honesty. That, we believe, is the kind of trust that all clients have placed in Cullen International ever since.