Regulation Made Simple

Why our clients choose us

Founded in 1986, Cullen International has grown into the leading provider of regulatory intelligence in the telecommunications, mediadigital economy and postal sectors and for competition law.

Why? Independence, Quality, Trust, Flexibility and Value.


Our clients depend on our integrity in maintaining a neutral stance - presenting a balanced view, no matter what the regulatory or legal debate. We never compromise our reputation as a trusted, neutral source of analysis for the whole industry. If there is only one thing that regulators and the regulated agree on, it is the fact that Cullen International data is an unbiased basis for discussion.


Back in 1986 we asked our clients what they expected from our service. We then delivered more. Since then we have continued to raise the quality of information and service to exceed their expectations. We apply uncompromising quality standards and rigorous review processes to everything we do in order to assure utmost accuracy.


Our clients know that they can trust our expert analysis of regulatory and legal developments, which is comprehensive, timely and unbiased. All of our research is based on public sources. We are the chosen regulatory intelligence service to over 180 telecoms operators, online service providers, broadcasters, postal operators, equipment vendors, regulators, competition authorities and government ministries that continue to subscribe to our services year on year. Our long-standing relationships with these clients reflect the quality and value of our services, the expertise of our staff and our firm commitment to remain an exceptional resource that clients can rely on.


Whatever our client's information needs, we have the depth of experience, in-house expertise and flexibility to provide the solution they are looking for - our high quality reports, benchmarking tools and comprehensive database form just the tip of the iceberg. Clients have access to our unique enquiry service that allows them to obtain comprehensive answers to specific regulatory questions at no extra cost. We also support them with topical seminars and workshops, enriching their internal resources with quality training and custom research on special projects.  We are continuously listening to our clients and expanding the scope of our services to meet their needs.


We deliver exceptional value to our clients by providing a cost-effective way to stay informed at the highest level on a very broad range of regulatory and legal topics, as well as geographic regions. For a fraction of the cost of recruiting a single specialist, our clients engage a whole team of bright and talented multilingual regulatory experts - all 100% focused on tracking developments and who are dedicated to providing the highest quality information on a consistent basis.

If you are looking for a partner who can provide the most reliable, dependable picture of the regulatory and legal environment and the issues that impact your organisation, you should contact Cullen International for a further discussion of your needs.