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Telecommunications Regulation - Europe

Cullen International’s European Telecoms service covers a wide range of regulatory issues on fixed and mobile wholesale, radio spectrum and the regulation of next generation access networks in 32 countries across Western, Central and Eastern Europe, providing:

  • updates on all major EU level developments, as they take place (Flash messages) and with in-depth analysis (EU Regulatory Reports);
  • convenient and easy ways to track key regulatory initiatives and national market review decisions (Trackers);
  • benchmarking tables allowing efficient comparison of regulatory positions and pricing across Europe (Cross-Country Analysis); 
  • regular reports on national regulatory developments in the ten most significant Western and Eastern European markets (Country Update); and
  • answers to specific regulatory questions at no extra cost (Enquiries).

EU level

National level

Institutions covered

Selection of issues covered

Countries covered

Selection of issues covered

European Commission Council

Communications Committee (COCOM)

European Parliament

Body of European Regulators (BEREC)

Radio Spectrum Committee (RSC)

Radio Spectrum Policy Group (RSPG)

Court of Justice of European Union (CJEU)

Court of First Instance (CFI)

Telecoms Single Market proposals

Radio spectrum policy programme

Net neutrality

Roaming Regulation

Recommendation on NGA costing methodologies and non-discrimination

Regulation on reducing the costs of high-speed broadband networks

Article 7 and 7a process – Commission and BEREC opinions

Recommendation on fixed and mobile termination rates

Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)

State aid rules for broadband

Digital Agenda

Review of the recommendation on relevant markets

Review of the data retention directive

Review of the RTTE directive

Review of ENISA

Universal service scope

28 EU member states

+ Macedonia (Former Yugoslav Republic of)




National broadband targets

NGA deployments

Regulation of NGA

Geographic markets and remedies 

Price squeeze and economic replicability tests 

Duct sharing

Fibre and local loop unbundling

SLU and vectoring

Cable access regulation 

Fixed termination and origination rates

IP interconnection

Wholesale line rental

Mobile termination rates

Mobile infrastructure and network sharing

International roaming

Mobile spectrum licences

Radio spectrum awards

Cost of capital for regulated wholesale prices

Universal service scope

USO funding

Data retention

Telecom fees and taxes