Regulation Made Simple


Our talented team of regulatory experts are much sought after and we regularly present key regulatory issues at industry events all over the world.

You can find some of our presentations here:

  • High-speed broadband – Europe’s strategy to catch-up with Korea

    08-11-2010| Seoul, Korea

    Author : James Thomson

    Event : Korea Communications Conference 2010

  • Compartición de infraestructura: impacto en QoS

    25-10-2010 -- 26-10-2010| Cartagena, Colombia

    Author : Ezequiel Dominguez

    Event : V Taller Internacional sobre regulación compartición de infraestructura para el despliegue de las TIC: estrategias y oportunidades

    Organizer : CRC

  • Net neutrality

    06-10-2010| Lisbon, Portugal

    Author : Philippe Defraigne

    Organizer : Anacom

  • Brazilian and European ICT: overview, trends and perspectives

    22-09-2010| Brussels, Belgium

    Author : Elena Scaramuzzi

    Organizer : EU-Brasil seminar

  • Justificación de la regulación sectorial, de las políticas públicas y de competencia, desde las experiencias del sistema nórdico

    05-08-2010 -- 06-08-2010| San Jose, Costa Rica

    Author : Ezequiel Dominguez

    Organizer : RETEL-CEPAL seminar on competition and regulation in telecommunications market

  • Towards European harmonisation of consumer rights

    02-06-2010| Brussels, Belgium

    Author : Virginie Alloo

    Organizer : The second Consumer Rights Directive forum - Gaining trust in the internal market

  • Next generation networks: overview and status in Europe

    25-03-2010 -- 26-03-2010| Manuas, Brazil

    Author : Elena Scaramuzzi

    Organizer : Regutel seminar

  • Regulating IP interconnection to safeguard net neutrality - Polish case study

    28-01-2010| London, UK

    Author : Dries Indesteege

    Organizer : Interconnection World Forum


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