Regulation Made Simple


Regulatory Conferences

Cullen International organises a number of regulatory conferences and seminars on topical issues, such as connected TV, cross-border delivery and next generation access. These events bring together key players from industry and governing bodies to get an all-round perspective on important regulatory developments.


  • Digital Agenda for South East Europe

    13-12-2011| Brussels

    Organizer : Cullen International

  • 2nd Latin America-EU Symposium on ICT Regulation

    04-11-2011| Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Organizer : Cullen International

  • Monitoring electronic communications and information society services in the Enlargement countries

    26-09-2011 -- 27-09-2011| Tirana, Albania

    Organizer : European Commission

  • EU Brasil-Cullen International conference - A Digital Agenda for Brazil. Universal broadband: stimulation policies

    10-05-2011| Porto Alegre

    Organizer : Cullen International and EUBRASIL

  • Smart grids, smart meters and the regulatory landscape

    24-02-2011| Brussels

    Organizer : Cullen International

  • Public workshop - Indicators for independence and efficient functioning of AVMS regulatory bodies

    31-01-2011| Brussels

    Organizer : Hans Bredow Institute for Media Research, ICRI, CMCS, Cullen International and Perspective Associates