Regulation Made Simple

Regulatory Conferences

Cullen International organises a number of regulatory conferences and seminars on topical issues, such as connected TV, cross-border delivery and next generation access. These events bring together key players from industry and governing bodies to get an all-round perspective on important regulatory developments.


  • 3rd Latin America-EU Symposium on ICT Regulation

    07-11-2012| Brasilia

    Organizer : Cullen International

  • EUBrasil Workshop on ITU and WCIT-12

    16-08-2012| Brasilia

    Organizer : EUBrasil

  • 25th Anniversary of the Green Paper on Telecommunications

    27-06-2012| Brussels

    Organizer : Cullen International, CRIDS, Madariaga college of European Foundation

  • Smart Regulation for Smart Grids: An EU Overview

    20-06-2012| Brussels

    Organizer : Cullen International

  • Monitoring electronic communications and information society services in the Enlargement countries

    21-05-2012 -- 22-05-2012| Dubrovnik, Croatia

    Organizer : European commission

  • Policy and regulatory challenges of connected TV

    03-05-2012| Brussels

    Organizer : Cullen International and EPRA

  • From Digital to Postal World

    24-04-2012| Brussels, Belgium

    Organizer : Cullen International