Regulation Made Simple



Upcoming regulatory events relevant to the telecoms, media, digital economy and postal sectors, as well as competition law.

  • Conference Preparatory Working Group to address Regional Preparations for World Conferences and Meetings (Preparation of CITEL for the PP-18)

    25-05-2018| Lima, Peru

    Event : Link

    Organizer : Citel

  • EU copyright, quo vadis? From the EU copyright package to the challenges of artificial intelligence (AI)

    25-05-2018| Brussels, Belgium

    Event : Link

    Organizer : European copyright society

  • Encrypted Data and the Privilege against Self-Incrimination Mapping the Problem and Sharing Best Practices

    28-05-2018 -- 29-05-2018| Rome, Italy

    Event : Link

    Organizer : The Academy of European Law (ERA)

  • Asotic Forum

    29-05-2018 -- 30-05-2018| Bogotá, Colombia

    Event : Link

    Organizer : Asotic

  • 1st Forum on Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things in Smart Sustainable Cities in Latin America

    29-05-2018| Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Event : Link

    Organizer : ITU