Regulation Made Simple



Upcoming regulatory events relevant to the telecoms, media, digital economy and postal sectors, as well as competition law.

  • EU copyright, quo vadis? From the EU copyright package to the challenges of artificial intelligence (AI)

    25-05-2018| Brussels, Belgium

    Event : Link

    Organizer : European copyright society

  • Conference Preparatory Working Group to address Regional Preparations for World Conferences and Meetings (Preparation of CITEL for the PP-18)

    25-05-2018| Lima, Peru

    Event : Link

    Organizer : Citel

  • Infrastructure, investment and innovation: policy and regulatory building blocks for the digital economy

    24-05-2018 -- 25-05-2018| Miami, US

    Event : Link

    Organizer : IIC

  • Economic landscape under the new Telecommunications Code

    23-05-2018| Brussels, Belgium

    Event : Link

    Organizer : The Greens – European Free Alliance

  • IoT-connected smart cars and vehicles forum

    23-05-2018 -- 24-05-2018| Berlin, Germany

    Event : Link

    Organizer : Business Intelligence Services (BIS) Group