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Specialist Training: Competition Law in the Telecoms Sector

This one-day Cullen International seminar conveniently attached to our telecoms masterclass training focuses on the application of competition law in the telecoms sector.

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Cullen International’s expert trainers will outline the context and the practical application of competition law in the telecoms sector. The seminar will also offer analyses from external experts of competition law developments and cases that will enable a deeper understanding of the interaction between sector specific economic regulation and competition law:

  • Relationship between competition law and sector specific regulation
  • Cost concepts and price abuses
  • Non-price abuses
  • Mergers and market consolidation in the telecoms sector
  • Anticompetitive agreements


This seminar is suitable for:

  • regulatory experts who are interested in how competition law is applied in the telecoms sector and what alternative market remedies it offers;
  • those interested in the role that competition law policy plays in shaping the telecoms market; and
  • those interested in finding out the latest competition law developments affecting the sector.


The classes are held in Brussels, near the city centre and the European quarter.


The next Specialist Competition Law seminars will take place on the following dates:

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Previous Attendees

Previous specialist competition law seminars have attracted participants from operators, regulators, online service providers and official institutions from over 30 countries.

Over 95% of past attendees would recommend this type of course to their colleagues.

We also offer tailored in-house competition law courses on demand.